Carpet Cleaning Perth to Get Your Bond Back!

Carpet Cleaning Perth to Get Your Bond Back!

Attention All Renters! – Why the Carpets are the number one factor to getting your bond back.

If you’ve ever experienced the hassles of getting your bond back because of stained carpets you’re not alone. It’s an extremely regular problem that we at Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth hear all too common from tenants when it comes time to vacate a property.

To call it the Number One Factor is an understatement. There is simply no other factor which ranks higher in importance to getting your full bond returned to you.

Sure, there are other important items which need to be considered, but if, the carpets are left in a lesser condition than when you began your tenancy, you will likely have a battle on your hands.

It’s the first thing a Property Manager notices

As the old saying goes, “The First Impression Counts”. As soon as your property manager enters the property their eyes scan immediately to the general condition of the carpets. You can either set a positive tone or a negative tone to your final inspection. Newly cleaned and fresh smelling carpets “set the scene” and puts your manager in a positive frame of mind. From there, you’ll likely find that your inspection runs a lot more smoothly.

Distracts from any other little bits of wear and tear

Professionally cleaned and stain free carpets can help distract your property manager from other minor issues and allow them to let some little items slide through the inspection with less attention given.

Alternatively, if carpets are damaged or poorly cleaned, the focus will turn negative very quickly and every item on your “Exit Report” will be looked at much more closely. “Now, where’s that Fine-Toothed Comb”.

One of the most expensive things they will try sting you for

Right off the bat, you can see that this is going to cost you “Big Time”.

Firstly, your property manager is going to insist that you get your carpet cleaner back to do the job again. Considering that they didn’t do a very good job in the first instance, their second attempt won’t likely make much difference. If that’s the case, your property manager will insist on having their own carpet cleaner to come in and re-clean the carpets. Your bond is now looking at risk!

Additionally, your Bond Cleaner is probably going to be called back, as now your property manager has picked at every little thing. If you did the bond clean yourself, expect to spend many more hours cleaning a house that you have moved on from. There’s nothing worse, when all you want to do is move into your new place.

Wine stains pretty much guarantee that you won’t get your bond back

Wine stains, especially red wine, virtually guarantees your bond is up for grabs. In fact, add to that any serious stains such as urine, blood, vomit and such, and your bond is pretty much done with, so say goodbye to a full refund.

Each of the stains and odours mentioned above are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Using the incorrect methods to remove these stains is the number one cause of setting the stain into your carpets, so once a stain is set it’s there for the life of the carpet.

There are many myths surrounding the best ways to approach stain removal; just do a quick Google search and you’ll find many different solutions for the same problem.

Unless you use a professional carpet cleaner like Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth, chances are the wrong method will be used and from that point there is no turning back.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning to get your full bond back

Do always consult a professional carpet cleaner for all your stain removal and carpet cleaning worries.

Do take our advice. We are highly professional and experienced at all carpet cleaning and stain removal.

Do stay far away from cowboy carpet cleaners. They may seem like a good deal at the time, but if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Don’t take the chance in trusting Google. Just because you find a solution to remove stains on the Internet, it’s doesn’t mean it’s true or the best approach.

Don’t try to clean hard to remove stains with the incorrect method. You will accentuate the problem

Don’t take the risk and gamble your bond refund away.

Do Contact Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth today – We’ll help to get your bond back.

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