5 shocking things you didn’t know about the Perth carpet cleaning industry

5 shocking things you didn’t know about the Perth carpet cleaning industry

5 shocking things you didn’t know about the Perth carpet cleaning industry

When it’s time to get your carpets cleaned it’s almost impossible to know who a professional carpet cleaner with extensive experience and expertise is, and who is a total novice with little or zero knowledge.

Knowing who to trust, or not to trust can be a real and genuine concern. If you put your trust in the wrong carpet cleaner, it could end in disaster. It’s difficult to know if they have the right equipment, any real knowledge, experience or expertise, whether they will do a professional job, or otherwise until the job has been done. Worst case, they could destroy your carpets entirely if they don’t know what they’re doing.

  1. The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated

Did you know that the Perth carpet cleaning industry is totally unregulated? There is no industry body to govern professional standards or to ensure practical training of carpet cleaners. There are no requirements to complete training, or to gain industry certifications or qualifications prior to setting up a business.

This is a huge concern to you as a customer, because you are running the gauntlet of carpet cleaners; who’s good and who’s not. How are you to know? The answer is, you don’t, until it’s too late!

When there is no regulation, it leaves the industry wide-open for dodgy behaviour, untruths, sub-standard practices, potential damage and unhappy customers with little or no recall when bad results occur. Mind you, you could spend thousands or dollars taking them to court to seek compensation for damages, but who wants to go through all that hassle?

  1. Anyone can start a carpet cleaning business

Anyone with zero experience and a few dollars in their pocket can start a carpet cleaning business to make a quick buck, at your expense. You could be dealing with a complete novice and not know it. The sad truth is that the carpet cleaning industry has many dodgy carpet cleaners who operate with no idea or understanding how to clean carpets or how to remove even the simplest of stains. Using an incorrect approach, method or equipment has the potential to leave your carpets in a worse state than they were prior to being cleaned.

  1. A Police Clearance is not a requirement

When you allow a stranger to enter your home you want to know that you and your family are safe. Unfortunately, the carpet cleaning industry has no requirements for Police Checks, which means anyone with a criminal history, or an unsavoury nature can enter your home.

Considering that when you get your carpets cleaned, you’re unlikely to be able to watch over the persons every movement while they perform the job, they could be searching through your personal items, jewellery or home safe while you’re not watching. They could also potentially be a threat to you and your family.

  1. Cheap equipment and harmful chemicals equal bad results

Many so-called professional carpet cleaners use below-par, cheap equipment which isn’t able to produce professional results. Old and inferior equipment with inadequate suction or pressure can result in dirt and grime not being extracted, or only being drawn to the surface making your carpets look dirtier than before they were cleaned. In even worse cases, leaving excess water in your carpets causes mould, and once mould enters carpets it remains for ever.

Additionally, many carpet cleaning companies spray harmful chemicals which may cause carpets to be bleached, or even set the stain permanently with the only option to replace the carpets to fix the problem. And, just as importantly these harmful chemicals may be dangerous to you, your family and pets.

If you’re a tenant and you’re having carpets cleaned before vacating at the end of your lease, say goodbye to your bond refund.

  1. A small window of opportunity to fix errors

If a carpet cleaner is offering a deal that seems cheap, or too good to be true, it probably is. If they’ve used the wrong products to remove stains, or they’ve simply done a bad job you’ll likely need to bring in another carpet cleaner to fix the errors and end up spending more money in the long run.

Hopefully it’s not too late though, as your time is extremely limited. Generally, you only have a 48-hour window to remedy any problems and after that you’re stuck with the problem permanently.

All is not lost; great carpet cleaners and stain removal experts do exist.

So, we’ve painted a pretty gloomy picture of the carpet cleaning industry and outlined what can go wrong.

Now, let’s look at the alternative.

How Pride Carpet Cleaning is different from the rest

Pride Carpet Cleaning are uniquely different as they are a highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professional carpet cleaning and stain removal service who stands out, head and shoulders above the rest. They take their craft very seriously. Owner, Scott Nunan’s motto: “Our aim is to deliver a great cleaning service to you for a good price and to leave a smile on your face every time you look at your newly cleaned carpet, rug, lounge, tiles or anything we clean for you”


Professionally trained and certified


Scott and his team uphold the highest levels of professionalism, are fully trained and certified by the most trusted of educational institutions within the carpet cleaning industry.



Police Clearance checked

Pride Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal are Police Clearance checked so you know that the safety of you, your family and personal possessions are assured.

Use the latest technology

Pride Carpet Cleaning have invested heavily into their business and use the latest technology in commercial grade high-quality steam-cleaning equipment and specialised detection and identification of stains not visible to the naked eye. The technology that Pride Carpet Cleaning have at their disposal most other carpet cleaning service providers simply don’t have.

All natural eco-friendly and safe products

They only use all natural eco-friendly, family and pet-safe products, which leave no hazardous residue and work effectively no matter how tough the stain.

Pride Carpet Cleaning are switched on, passionate and totally dedicated to producing the highest quality outcomes and outstanding after-care service. They employ the best practices to achieve mind-blowing results every time and have a wealth of happy and satisfied customers.

Call Pride Carpet Cleaning today.

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