The Dirty Secrets Behind Carpet Cleaning Franchises

The Dirty Secrets Behind Carpet Cleaning Franchises

When you want the best carpet cleaning in Perth how do you know who you should turn to for the highest quality cleaning and service?

Finding who is legit and who isn’t can be a bit of a mine field. So, where do you begin?

  1. A quick Google search “best carpeting cleaning in Perth”.

The very first result is Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 (164 reviews)

  1. The reviews that you’re seeing, are they real, verified, or simply made up? Review website uses a rigorous 50-point Inspection, which includes checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and cost, plus general excellence.

Pride Carpet Cleaning hits the mark there too, as 1 of the 3 best carpeting cleaning services in Perth.

On highly respected Review website

Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth takes No:1 spot yet again.


But What About Franchises?

I mean, they’re highly visible, they offer the full spectrum of services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, couch cleaning, mattress cleaning and stain removal. You see their vans everywhere you go; they advertise a lot and their review ratings seem pretty good – mostly. Surely, I can trust them. Right?

Well, maybe! I’m sure there are some trustworthy ones out there. But which ones?

And that’s the big question! Which ones are good and which ones are bad? It’s extremely difficult to know The Truth.


A Legitimate Business Reputation

Not so long ago, the main methods of advertising for all local businesses were through radio, tv, community newspapers, and of course, through word of mouth.

As an example, if you were looking for “carpet cleaning Perth”, “upholstery cleaning Perth”, or “mattress cleaning Perth”, you’d look in the local papers, hear some catchy jingle on the radio, or ask a friend if they could recommend a good carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Building a solid reputation within the community was built solely on providing high quality results and great service. There was no such thing as Online reviews or ratings.


Now, it’s All About the Online Profile

While the previously mentioned methods still exist and continue to be used, albeit not as regularly, we as consumers prefer to simply pick up our mobile phones and Google any product or service that we require.

As a result, nowadays most businesses, particularly franchises, place much more emphasis on achieving a strong Online business profile. Legit or otherwise.

This has the potential to put you, the consumer at great risk because you need to understand that everything on the Internet cannot be taken at face-value. You need to be prepared to look a little deeper to ensure you are dealing with a reputable business.


Fake Ratings and Reviews

Now, let’s refer back to the beginning of this blog post where I asked,

“When you want the best carpet cleaning in Perth how do you know who you should turn to for the highest quality cleaning and service?”

The Answer: First, trust your gut. Then, if the reviews on a franchise or business website seems too good to be true, dig a little deeper. Look up trusted Review websites to help with your decision making; don’t rely solely on the franchise’s or business’s website for positive reviews.

The Truth Is Out There! You just need to find it.


Be Aware of Dirty Little Tricks

Believe it or not, with some franchises they use their size and power to bend the truth, creating ratings and reviews which have been fabricated with the express intention of misleading potential customers from a basis of absolute untruths.

Through platforms such as Google My Business and Facebook they can control their reputation by manipulating data and producing fake reviews.

They can create fake 5-star ratings, which in reality are more like 2.7-stars or 3.1-stars. Now that’s a huge difference, which translates to 40 – 50% of their customers being totally dissatisfied.

One carpet cleaning franchise (who shall remain anonymous due to us not wanting to be sued) does this for sure, and others likely follow the same process:

  1. Creates a new Online profile for the franchise itself, stating how great they are and how they will achieve fantastic results for all their customers
  2. Creates a large number of positive fake ratings and reviews from many (supposedly) happy and satisfied customers
  3. Advertise the franchise heavily through social media platforms towards its target audience
  4. Obtain many new clients and dishes these out to each franchisee based on their service area
  5. The franchisee has been duped by the franchisor into believing the franchise was something that it’s not, i.e. income lower, expenses higher, hidden fees
  6. The franchisee has been inadequately and poorly trained, is under pressure to complete jobs quickly to make a decent living, needs to pass a good portion of their income to the head franchisor.
  7. Consequently, performs a poor/average job outcome for the customer as they are heavily focused on the next job and next buck, instead of the job at hand
  8. Receives bad reviews as unhappy customers get online and state how dissatisfied they were with the franchisees bad attitude, lack of knowledge and skill, which has resulted in a sub-standard, poor quality job
  9. The franchisor closes down that profile, ditches the franchisee for not upholding the “good reputation” of the business, thereby hiding the bad reputation, poor quality results and dodgy operators’ overall performance
  10. The franchisor creates a shiny new Online profile for the franchise itself stating how great they are and how they will achieve fantastic results for all their customers
  11. Rinses and repeats – you get the picture


Protect Yourself and Do Proper Research

So, let’s summarise…

Firstly, don’t believe everything you see. Just because it’s on Google My Business, Facebook or a franchise website, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true.

Remember, that it’s extremely easy for large franchises who have deep pockets to make a fool out of you.

Secondly, look a little deeper, actually a lot deeper, before you commit to hiring carpet cleaning, couch cleaning, mattress cleaning or upholstery cleaning in Perth.

Thirdly, choose reputable Review websites, such as or not the reviews on an actual franchise’s own website.


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