The Toughest Stains We Have Overcome

The Toughest Stains We Have Overcome

The Toughest and Most Interesting Stains we have had to remove

Over the last 10 years you could probably say that here at Pride Carpet Cleaning, we’ve seen it all, and that’s no exaggeration!

As Professional Carpet Cleaners and Stain Removal Experts we are called out to remedy all manner of issues. From carpet cleaning, couch cleaning, mattress cleaning and stain removal for all types of furniture, some being minor and easy to fix, all the way to nasty, major and sometimes horrific situations.

Toddler runs amuck with texter

Oh, to be the parent of a care-free and enthusiastic toddler who is still learning right and wrong.

For this job, we were called to a home by a stressed out and panicked young mother.

The mother of the child had just completed her final inspection and was in the process of signing off the Exit Report, as is required for vacating as a tenant. While she and the property manager were going through the report and had agreed that everything was at a good standard of cleanliness and that her bond would be refunded in full, her toddler had a little surprise in order.

While their backs were turned the little fellow decided that he would add a little value to the home with some of his own special artwork. He proceeded to grab a red coloured texter and draw on every wall, up and down the staircase and through the entire house.

Upon visiting the home, speaking with the young mother who was completely beside herself, and assuring her we would remove the texter, we simply and efficiently removed all traces with a little sugar soap and some elbow grease.

The Volcano of Poo

In this example, which comes under the category of “just plain nasty”, we were contacted by a property manager who required carpets to be cleaned upon a tenant vacating a property. Upon entering the property, firstly the odour wasn’t great to say the least, however entering one of the rooms we happened on a surprise left behind by the tenant. The tenant who had been physically disabled, possessed a modified wheelchair which allowed them to go to the toilet more easily without getting out of the chair, however the wheelchair hadn’t been over the toilet at the time the tenant needed to relieve themselves. What resulted was a “Volcano of Poo” including a lava flow of blood for good measure. Obviously, the tenant’s physical health and wellbeing is no laughing matter, but a degree of satisfaction was enjoyed by referring the job “no pun intended” to a junior colleague. The ah, well let’s call it a stain, was removed with no trace left behind.

Mushrooms – not the magical kind

As a result of a slow leaking shower cubicle which backed on to a bedroom wall, water had worked its way through both the carpet and underlay and had remained wet and undetected for quite some time. The dampness had allowed fungi to grow and multiply to the point of three rather unusual looking mushrooms appearing; not the sort of thing you’d expect to find. In this case, the carpet couldn’t be saved due to the severe mould damage and potential adverse health issues to anyone sleeping in that bedroom.

This experience just goes to show how an undetected water leak can cause a whole lot of damage.

Blood stains at a murder scene

Sometimes there are cleaning jobs that no one really wants to be part of, but it is also necessary that someone needs to put their hand up.

We had been requested to clean up after police had finished with a domestic violence case, which had ended in someone sadly being murdered. The scene was horrific and sent chills through the spine at the thought of what had happened. A wholly unpleasant and disturbing experience, one which we hope we will never have to experience again.

As you can see, being Professional Carpet Cleaners and Stain Removal Experts, with a great reputation in the industry we get to see the full spectrum of problems.

When you require the services of a business you can trust to do a great job of cleaning your carpets and removing stains from all types of furniture you know you can be confident with us, because we’ve seen it all.

We have the experience and knowhow to give you the best advice and to get the job done right, the first time.

Contact us today at Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth. You’ll be glad you made the right choice!

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