Flood Damage Restoration Perth

Perth’s Fastest Response Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Specialists

Have you got a flood in your home or workplace and want to return to life as normal quickly and efficiently? We can definitely help.

From a bucket of water to a whole house flooded we can get your carpets dry again. Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1 – Call or txt 0406 542 992 within 24 hours of the flood damage occurring. Timing is crucial, if there is a mouldy smell may have left it too late and we may not be able to help (the smell comes from mould and mould is a living organism, once it sets in its there forever and carpets will need to be replaced). Do not under any circumstances attempt flood damage restoration yourself. YouTube cannot help you. This is a job for a highly qualified technician.

Step 2 – We will send a staff member to assess the damage and quote accordingly (it’s at this point well let you know on the spot whether or not we can fix the damage).

Step 3 – You’ve approved the quote and we can get started on the flood damage restoration.

Step 4 – We extract all excess water, apply an antimicrobial agent (to prevent mould occurring after carpet is dry) and steam clean carpets. Well then setup the drying machines to dry the carpets, underlay, walls and skirting boards over the next 48 hours.

Step 5 – We arrive after 48 hours and re assess the carpet to ensure its fully dry, pack up the equipment and you pay your invoice. This system means there is zero risk as a customer on your end as you only pay once you actually have a result. Our success rate so far is 100 percent. We are yet to come across a flood we couldn’t fix, but once again you must act fast to ensure a result and prevent mould from occurring.

Call or text 0406 542 992 and let’s get this problem fixed up for you so you can return to normal faster!