Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal Services

A clean carpet is one that doesn’t have any stains on it. It’s ironic that stains are so easy to get, yet so hard to get rid of. That’s why Pride Stain Removal Perth has got you covered .providing you haven’t made the mistake of using a store bought stain remover on your stain  We can remove almost any stain and have your carpet, mattress, car interior, lounge suite or rug, fully deodorised, steam cleaned  looking and smelling like new. The important thing is to call us asap before the stain sets and becomes permanent!

We can remove the following stains:

  • Urine stains (human-pets), vomit
  • Coffee, drinks, beer, wine, tea
  • General dirt and black spots, grease, blu tac, chewing gum
  • Makeup, foundation, mascara, food
  • Inks, paint

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If you’re in Perth and need stain removal you are in the right place. Pride assesses each stain on a case-by-case basis and provides a treatment that is best suited to the size, type and age of the stain.

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