Our ground breaking and unique eco friendly approach to Perth carpet cleaning

Our ground breaking and unique eco friendly approach to Perth carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal – Beats All Others

Have you ever hired a professional carpet cleaner or stain removal expert and been greatly disappointed with the results? You’re nodding your head right now!

In many cases, these terms “professional carpet cleaner” or “stain removal expert” are used very loosely, as all too often the service just doesn’t live up to their claims or your expectations.

Then there is Pride Carpeting Cleaning Perth. A carpet cleaning and stain removal professional, which is uniquely different and revolutionary in their approach.

Pride Carpet Cleaning achieves mind-blowing results that others simply can’t match. This is partly due to the superior hot water, low PSI, steam extraction technology that they use plus the experience, knowhow and confidence from more than 10 years of cleaning, removing the toughest stains and revitalising some of the dirtiest, most heavily soiled carpets and upholstery in Perth.

So, what sets Pride Carpet Cleaning apart from the crowd? For one thing, there might be a clue in their name. They take great pride in consistently achieving high-quality carpeting cleaning and stain removal for all their clients.

Owner, Scott Nunan says “Our aim is to deliver a great cleaning service to you for a good price and to leave a smile on your face every time you look at your newly cleaned carpet, rug, lounge, tiles or anything we clean for you”


A Unique and Ground-breaking approach

Pride Carpet Cleaning’s unique and ground-breaking approach ensures that they achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and outstanding results. You only need to read some of their customers reviews to understand this is the reason behind their success.

Pride Carpet Cleaning has invested in specialised, top-of-the-line equipment that’s the benchmark for professional carpet cleaning and that most other carpet cleaning companies simply don’t have. Their people are highly trained and understand the most effective processes in order to produce outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

Scott says, “Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth undertakes a methodical and proven process when we assess and perform any job for you.

Firstly, we meet with the customer to discuss the job required and the best approach to achieve their desired result. Next, we pre-inspect to identify stains and determine the most appropriate form of treatment and provide a quote accordingly for the job to be completed.

We use a specific technology to locate stains that aren’t even visible to the naked eye; these unseen stains are most likely the major source which leads to unpleasant odours in your home.

When treating stains and odours we use only natural, eco-friendly, kid-friendly and pet-friendly products to ensure you and your family’s health and safety”.

Our “top of the line equipment” such as our Kirby – Upright Rotary Vacuum, Hepa Filtration bags and filters are highly efficient in achieving a deep-clean and removing all the nasties from your carpets. Our customers are amazed just how much horrible grime and filth ends up in the bag.

We use highly effective hot-water, low PSI, steam extraction which removes more dirt, bacteria, stains, mites and any other nasties that can aggravate breathing issues such as bronchitis and asthma. Ineffective dry cleaning or cold-water cleaning, which is the standard that most carpet cleaners employ simply can’t be compared to the outstanding results we achieve through steam extraction.

You also need to bear in mind that our high-powered dual 1100-watt motors extract excess water so you can walk on your carpets or rugs straight away, so there is no more waiting for two hours or more to tippy toe around the house hoping not to leave new stains while your carpets and rugs dry”.


Specialised Stain Removal

Not only does Pride Carpet Cleaning get your carpets and rugs looking new and vibrantly fresh, they also specialise in stain and odour removal throughout your entire home including your mattresses, upholstery of all types, car interiors, tiles and grout and more. They can even effectively remove and deodorise the toughest of stains like dirt, blood, urine, red wine, poo, food, vomit and more.

Scott says,

“Our deep-steam clean process easily cleans and removes all the nasties that build up in your mattress, such as stains, sweat, dirt, dust, dead skin, dust mites and bacteria. All of these can affect your health and a great night’s sleep.

We achieve great results, removing dirt, stains, sweat and smells, returning your furniture back to its former glory with our state-of-the-art upholstery cleaning on leather, macro suede, suede, cotton, wool, blends, linen, microfibre, and acrylic.

We’ll refresh your car’s interior, getting rid of dust, dirt, spilled food, sticky messes from little hands and stinky pets smells, deodorising and revitalising and restoring that new car smell.

A high-pressure, deep tile and grout clean eradicates dirt, mould and mildew and restore your tiles and grout back to bright and sparkling clean”.


The Evidence is Clear. Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth achieves high-quality, mind-blowing carpet cleaning and stain removal!

Stop wasting your precious time and money with the pretenders.

Whatever you need freshened up, cleaned, stains removed, odours deodorised, the professionals at Pride Carpet Clearing Perth are your Go-To Guys for all your needs.

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