Things that can go wrong when you don’t use a professional

Things that can go wrong when you don’t use a professional

Things that can go wrong when you DON’T use a professional. 

When it’s time to clean your carpets, or if you need specialised stain removal, you have two choices:

  1. Use a Professional Carpet Cleaner and Stain Removal Expert with a proven track record who will respect you, your carpets and other possessions


  1. “Run the gauntlet” of rank amateurs who will damage your carpets and upholstery, have no consideration for your possessions and rip you off.

Which choice will you make?

Scott Nunan is the director of Pride Carpet Cleaning in Perth; a dedicated, highly skilled and trusted professional in the carpet cleaning industry. He’s witnessed many horror stories first-hand about what can go horribly wrong when you make the wrong choice. Scott shares some of his experiences in this article.

Flooded Carpets

The use of inferior, outdated and poorly maintained equipment with the inability to extract sufficient moisture from carpets will produce bad results. Best case, carpets will take longer to dry, worse case, carpets will attract mould, be ruined beyond repair resulting in total replacement of carpets as the only solution.

Damage to Property

A lack of care for your possessions by an amateur, disrespectful and unprofessional carpet cleaner is a comment that Scott hears all too often. Many of his customers have informed him that they have previously hired carpet cleaners because their fee appeared to be cheap, or a really good deal. Unfortunately, sometimes you get what you pay for and not what you bargained for; a poor clean and damaged household items, such as vases, ornaments, mirrors, painting and even televisions.

Theft, Abuse or Assault

Inappropriate, threatening, or even dangerous behaviour is more common than you may think. Because the carpet cleaning industry is unregulated and has no requirement for participants to be “Police Checked”, it has the potential to leave customers vulnerable to theft of property, verbal abusive behaviour and in some cases even physical assault.

Poor Quality Work

Due to the absence of knowledge and experience of some carpet cleaners, many customers see no noticeable difference in the appearance of their carpets and rugs once they have been cleaned. The stains still remain after cleaning and often due to incorrect processes or methods used, stains are set into their carpets, never to be removed.

$12,000 Handmade Persian Rug Ruined

One of Scott’s customers tells him this disastrous story. They had purchased a beautifully handmade woollen Persian Rug; a one of a kind, highly valued and treasured possession. They had hired a carpet cleaner who they believed to be qualified and who would deliver a great result, however, unfortunately for the customer that they made the incorrect choice. The operator did not have the knowledge, experience or skills to perform the required job. The operator used non-wool safe products to clean the rug resulting in “Dye-bleed” and totally ruining the rug. Imagine how devastated the customer would have been.

Oil Stains left on driveaway

Here’s one thing you wouldn’t usually consider when you choose a carpet cleaner; a special gift left behind to remember them by. Old or poorly maintained vans which leak oil on your driveway. Not only is this unprofessional but the carpet cleaner has created a new problem for the customer. Time to visit Supercheap for some oil degreaser. What a great little, unexpected bonus!

Bad Attitudes

A “she’ll be right or not my problem” attitude. Some carpet cleaners have a bad attitude or take the no responsibility approach to carpet cleaning. For them it’s more about making money and ripping customers off, with no care for providing great results. They’ll blame the customer or a previous carpet cleaner for their lack of skill and poor results.

Bad chemical smells from cheap cleaning products

When you deal with a professional carpet cleaner, they should consider the customers residing in the home. If cheap and/or inappropriate cleaning products are used there will likely be a bad residual chemical smell remaining. While the smell may be offensive or even unbearable, the potential also arises that the chemicals used can be harmful or dangerous to you, your family and pets. It’s best practice to use only natural, eco-friendly products which are safe for everyone.

No warranty and no insurance

If a so-called professional carpet cleaner does not offer a warranty or guarantee of any kind on the quality of their work, or if they are not able to provide evidence that they hold the appropriate insurances, steer clear and avoid using them at all costs. It is the customers right to request this information prior to any work being done. There is nothing worse than receiving a poor result or damage and having no comeback on the person who performed the job. In this case, get ready for a long and drawn out court battle, if you have the time and energy.

Don’t Take the Risk
Be Smart
Have Peace of Mind
Be Covered
Use a Professional

Pride Carpet Cleaning are the Quality Standard for carpet cleaning and stain removal in Perth.

They are highly trained and certified, police clearance checked, hold the appropriate insurances and are trustworthy and reliable.

Most importantly they are Professional, utilise the latest technology and always strive to exceed the expectations of their valued customers.

Make the Right Choice Today.

Contact Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth for all your carpet cleaning and stain removal needs.

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